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Big Country (1958) [VHS] [Import]

Big Country (1958) [VHS] [Import]
William Wyler
Big Country (1958) [VHS] [Import]
定価: ¥ 2,396
発売日: 1998-09-01
発売元: MGM (Video & DVD)

He came from the sea
Two men, Major Henry Terrill (Charles Bickford) and Rufus Hannassey (Burl Ives), each the head of their respective clans, feud over water rights. The major has a daughter (Carroll Baker) that has fallen in love with a sea captain James McKay (Gregory Peck.) James McKay's father owns a shipping company. This looks like a perfect match.
Shortly but surely we see on insight to the man about to be married. At the same time he gets a good glimpse of the major and Rufus Hannassey. It does not take us long to size up the situation. James refused to play the game. He won't get mad at hazing, won't write the wild hors on their time, and he won't get lost (I suspect he can calculate reveres azimuth.) And this is a big country.
There are many other notable characters in this movie including the owner of "the Big Muddy" (Jean Simmons) where the water is. The Majors right hand man (Charlton Heston). And what is a western with out the idiot son (Chuck Connors).
Pay attention to the love interest and the music.
This movie would give a Greek tragedy a run for its money.
Will Major Henry and Rufus Hannassey settle their differences or will the settle James McKay's hash?


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